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Season 1. The Trial of Samantha Hall


Dominatrix Samantha Hall stands trial for murder. Listen as gripping courtroom scenes are analyzed by a jury of improvisers genuinely deciding the defendant's fate.


Check out this audio trailer for an inside glimpse into the gripping murder trial of Samantha Hall.

episode 1

Fet fatale

Jurors enter deliberations in the trial of Samantha Hall, a dominatrix on trial for murdering her submissive lover, Troy, by instructing him to asphyxiate with a rope. As the press sensationalizes and speculates, Samantha’s six member jury attempts to methodically establish the case timeline. Tensions develop between jurors as judgement arises over the defendant’s alternative lifestyle.

episode 2

difficulty breathing

Jurors analyze Samantha’s 911 call and the circumstances surrounding Troy’s discovery. A former service provider to Troy, professional dominatrix Mistress Carolynne reveals the particulars of her profession and history with the victim. When discussing the Dominant/submissive dynamic between Samantha and Troy, the jury explores where the line is drawn between consent and abuse. Guest starring LA Dominatrix Justine Cross.

episode 3


Jurors read from a dossier of Troy’s online posts, in which the depth of his submission to Samantha is unveiled. Those present in the deliberations room are disturbed by his experiences and explore whether Samantha’s control of him extended beyond recreation to brainwashing. The court learns about the history of erotic asphyxiation and the way in which it’s physically experienced. Troy’s ex girlfriend takes the stand.

episode 4

first degree

The jury covers justifiable and excusable homicide and dives into the legal criteria for First Degree. The prosecution offers evidence of Samantha’s motive to kill.

episode 5


Experts debate Samantha’s psychological state of mind. Jurors disagree on the credibility of one expert’s opinion over another. The press considers the repercussions of Samantha Hall’s actions on the BDSM community.



Jurors analyze a video of Samantha and Troy as well as a heated voicemail in which the sub reprimands his mistress. The benchmarks for a Second Degree finding are discussed, and a Domme/friend of Samantha testifies about the defendant’s treatment of her romantic partners.



This week a real lifestyle submissive (going by the pseudonym Rebecca) explains the unique and often-misunderstood way of life chosen by her and her "Master." Rebecca also answers listener questions and weighs in on her perspective of Samantha Hall's guilt or innocence.



A rope bondage expert demonstrates the knot Samantha allegedly tied. Jurors hold and experience the physical evidence: rope, knot, and footstool. Guest starring rope bondage expert Miss Cassie.

Jury Break 2: Struck For Cause

In this episode Attorney Kelvin Fisher explains the difference between civil and criminal juries, the process of jury selection, and what constitutes a need to be stricken for cause. He also postulates why a couple of strong-minded jurors in the Samantha Hall trial (Mandy and Carl) were not dismissed from jury selection.

Episode 8: Manslaughter

The jury examines the charge of manslaughter. The prosecution leans on Samantha’s suspicious choice of rope, as well as its purchase date. Troy reassures Samantha about his commitment to safety in a text exchange.

Jury Break 3: Rebecca Returns Pt 1

Submissive "Rebecca" returns to share her thoughts on the latest episode of Deliberations, give greater context to the lifestyle of D/s, and take us inside a deeply personal story that's relevant to the show's moral controversy.

Episode 9: Tolerance

Kroger explains the true power dynamic between a Dominant and submissive. Public biases against alternative sexualities are exposed. Mistress Carolynne reprises her testimony. Guest starring LA Dominatrix Justine Cross.

Jury Break 4: Rebecca Returns Pt 2

Rebecca concludes her personal story about the trial week she spent in the company of a true sadist.

Episode 10: Samantha Hall

Samantha Hall takes the stand.

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