Verdicts Under Audit. Casey Anthony.

Casey Anthony lied to cover the disappearance of her 2 yr old missing daughter for approximately 31 days before her own mother (Caylee's grandmother) reported the toddler missing to authorities. Casey told repeated lies to police before being arrested and charged with Caylee's murder. Six months after her disappearance. Caylee's remains were found in the woods inside of a garbage bag less than a quarter mile from the Anthony family home. 

When and Where

2008. The age of social media, tabloid journalism, and sensational tv crime reporting. Due to the oversaturation of the Orlando jury pool by media coverage, the jury was selected in Pinellas County. According to the 2010 census. Pinellas County is approximately 82% white. Under 20% of county households had children under the age of 18 living with them. The per capita income of the county was 29k. 

Why was she acquitted? 

Demographics. Anthony's white, middle class status made her relatable to her predominantly white (10-2) Pinellas County jurors. 

Ignorance. The Casey Anthony case had saturated the media so badly that anyone who cared enough about the world to follow current events was excused from selection. That left people who were uninformed and/or apathetic to make up her jury. 

Beauty. A Cornell study found that unattractive defendants are 22% more likely to be convicted than attractive defendants. Human psychology makes us susceptible to the unconscious influence of beauty. 

Lawyers' Double Standard. Legally the prosecution has to prove the veracity of what they present at trial, but the defense does not. Casey's attorney accused her father George Anthony of incest, molestation, and involvement in Caylee's death. George's reaction on the stand was indignant and combative - creating a negative image that seemed to affirm the allegations against him to jurors. From post-verdict interviews, this suspicious view of George Anthony played a major role in their deliberations.