Jada Toler has appeared in various films and television shows. You may have seen her in TvOnes "For My Man." You should look forward to seeing her starring in her first 2 lead roles in TVOnes popular reenactment show "For My Man" and a new ID series "Dead of Night" premiering in April 2018. Jada jumpstarted her acting career in mid 2017 and has been very successful to have landed several exciting roles since. She's been grinding her gears and is read to share her gift with the world! Jada realized acting was her passion at a young age and studied at Baltimore School for the Arts for theatre. She is also a singer and has been granted an opportunity to do voice over work for the first time. She's a natural! Jada is an awesome talker and pretty horrible at not being able to make you laugh. She loves to play video games when she has free time. A native of Baltimore MD, Jada still lives in her hometown and plans to relocate to LA to pursue her acting career. Watch out, you'll be seeing ore of her! Jada can be reached by email at jadatoler95@yahoo.com